How the Program Works


We’ve made it real simple for you to successfully fundraise a significant amount of money and offer excellent value. We have 21 of the most popular magazines that you can sell for $40 each. The subscriptions run for more than a year, so there is real value here over competitive discount websites selling magazines. The idea is that you want to get enough money from a subscription to make it worth your while to go out and sell it, and we figure that $40 is a good sum to seek donations for a campus organization. We also have one-year subscriptions that sell for $15-25 each.

  • Each $40 subscription you sell counts as a WHOLE subscription. Anything less counts as a HALF subscription. Two HALF subscriptions equals one WHOLE subscription.
  • If your group sells up to 100 WHOLE subscriptions, you will get $8 for each WHOLE subscription you sell. The amount goes up to $10 if you sell 100 or more subscriptions, and you will be paid $10 from the first subscription if you meet that quota.


  • Your group must sell at least 30 WHOLE subscriptions within 30 days to qualify for the following bonuses in this program.

  • If you sell 100 WHOLE subscriptions within 15 days of beginning the program, your organization will receive a bonus of $250.

  • If your group sells 200 WHOLE subscriptions within 30 days of beginning the program, your organization will get a bonus of $500.

  • If your group sells 300 WHOLE subscriptions within 30 days of beginning the program, the bonus will be $1,000.
  • If you refer us to another qualified campus organization that sells 100 WHOLE subscriptions, we will send your organization a referral bonus of an additional $250 for each such organization.

These bonuses are cumulative, meaning you earn each bonus as you reach each goal. So if you qualify for the $1,000 bonus and referred us to just one other organization, you will have received $2,000 in bonuses plus $3,000 from the subscriptions themselves, which is $5,000 for selling $12,000 worth of magazines.

That’s real money!


To set you up for success:

There is no registration fee and we will not charge you for any materials or handling fees. We will provide you with order forms and sales literature when you join the program.

When you register with us, we will send you a list of titles that you can sell for $40 (which matches the list on our website and list the length of the subscription, which does not appear on the site because the price is so heavily discounted that we cannot list it on the internet. We will also include a list of titles that you can sell for less. These deals exist only to help campus organizations fundraise; they are not available to the general public.

To place an order, your organization can go to an exclusive website and use your organization’s unique code to place orders on behalf of your customers. Or you can refer your customers to the website to place and pay for orders directly using your organization’s code. This will enable us to track all your orders. Customers can pay with Paypal, Venmo, credit card or by check.