Delta Zeta Sorority




  • Group Leader: Chelsea Miller

  • Amount Earned: $2,190

  • Group Members: 33

  • Review: "It was the best way to earn cash fast that I have ever seen!!!"


Security is a major issue on campus today.

So when one of the Delta Zeta sisters at Marshall University found herself the target of a stalker, there was no question what to do. “We knew we needed to install cameras in our back parking lot.” says group leader Chelsea Miller.

But effective security systems cost beaucoup bucks, and Chelsea and her sisters knew a bake sale wasn’t going to do the trick for them. So the challenge became raising big money fast because you don’t mess around when your personal safety is involved!

A postcard about Campus Fundraiser's fundraising ideas arrived in the afternoon mail. Chelsea read some of our success stories. She called for more information. She signed up with CampusFundraiser.

“CampusFundraiser told me what to do with the fundraiser,” Chelsea reports. But what really got her motivated was the opportunity to receive bonus money after her group hit its target. Her sisters also got “Very excited”. She reports “Some people did way more than they needed to!”

The money is now in-hand and it’s decision time. What’s to decide? “The security cameras are the first thing, but we may donate a few extra dollars ourselves and get a big screen TV.”

Security and entertainment for just three days of work. Yup – beats the heck out of a bake sale!