Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Why does CampusFundraiser have a history with 126 chapters of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity? Because our fundraising programs work! $152,397 raised by 126 chapters; incredible! We provide simple, free, safe and effective fundraising solutions to help your chapter raise the money it needs to fund your events.  We know what it means to be greek and the time (or lack of it) you have for raising much needed cash. Our programs give you options; raise a little amount for small expenses or raise a huge amount for large expenses. Regardless of the need we have a program perfect for your chapter.


Here’s why…

  1. Free programs – Always free. Check out our programs, talk to a program specialist and run the fundraiser right for your group. We provide everything with no cost to you.
  2. Safe programs – Our fundraisers work. Thousands of groups can’t be wrong. Read about our success stories or check out some of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity success stories below
  3. Simple Fundraisers – Online or event, always simple to run.

Here is what some of our Tau Kappa Epsilon group leaders have said about us over the years…



Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity - University of Binghamton


…“I knew that if I took initiative and just put a little bit of effort into the program, that we could utilize our social skills and ingenuity to meet our goals, and we did”, Cary said. "CampusFundraiser never let me forget about the event and kept in constant contact with me whether via e-mail or telephone. They kept me motivated and always made sure I was focused on achieving the bonuses to maximize the amount of money we could actually raise for the Foundation."…



Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity - George Washington University


…“In the recent past, we have never raised upwards of $1,500 without the help of CampusFundraiser,” says group leader Brandon DeBaun. Using the “Sell 3”  Magazine Fundraiser program, the group raised $2,500!”…


Take a look at the lifetime earnings of our top Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity chapters


Tau Kappa Epsilon George Washington University $7,344
Tau Kappa Epsilon Indiana University of Penn $6,160
Tau Kappa Epsilon SUNY College - Oneonta $6,141
Tau Kappa Epsilon University of New Hampshire $4,448
Tau Kappa Epsilon Lycoming College $4,239
Tau Kappa Epsilon Binghamton University $4,207
Tau Kappa Epsilon Western Carolina University $4,095
Tau Kappa Epsilon Bloomsburg University $4,035
Tau Kappa Epsilon Salisbury State University $3,451
Tau Kappa Epsilon Northern Illinois University $3,400


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