Sorority Fundraising



CampusFundraiser has been working with Sororities since the company began in 2000. We understand that Sororities fundraise a little differently then the typical college group; our system is built around the needs of a Sorority. We dedicate a full time staff person to your success and we walk you through every step of our process an a simple and easy to follow way. Over the years we have helped thousands of sororities reach their financial goals. We offer several different options– everything from online programs that run for a short period of time to all year to event style programs that can make your sorority a lot of money in only a few days. All of our programs offer the following benefits;


1)     Safe – You’re not the first Sorority to do this fundraiser (which ever one you choose); in fact thousands have run their Sorority Fundraising through us over the years. No money to participate, we actually pay you and most importantly it works!

2)     Simple – None of our programs require you to have a PhD. We will assign a staff person to work with you every step of the way and help you reach your earnings goal. You can do this, we can show you how!

3)     Free – Pay nothing to participate and make lots of money doing, in many cases, things you already do.


Not convinced? Check out what some group leaders have to say about their Sorority Fundraising with CampusFundraiser…


Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority – University of Massachusetts - Amherst


$1,700 in 5 hours



Quoteable Quote
"CampusFundraiser REALLY helped us out a lot. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to make money for their organization!"


…she and her sisters at AEPhi have been running 2-3 fundraisers each month for as long as they can remember, and they’re (understandably) exhausted!

“We raise money for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation – our national philanthropy” Kirby reports with pride. “And all the sisters know that being part of AEPhi is a serious time commitment…

…This fundraiser was very simple and didn’t require that much planning on our part. CampusFundraiser explained everything we needed to do down to the last detail” says Kirby. “It was very easy for us to make money by following their instructions. We’ve worked with them before and always do well, but by far, this was the best fundraiser we’ve ever done!”


Here is one more…


Delta Gamma Sorority – Santa Clara University

$4,160 in 3 days



Quoteable Quote
"Family and Friends got the whole chapter involved as a team."


…”After learning about our Family and Friends program, Michelle and her team set to work. “At first they worried they wouldn’t be able to each sell three magazine subscriptions” Michelle noted. But between the daily encouragement received from their CampusFundraiser coach and the growing sales volume from every member of the sorority, “They became excited.”

Now, with the work behind them, Michelle tells us: “Selling only three subscriptions was easy! And having it over in three days really helped. The amount of money we were able to earn was worth the work!...”


Check out for more details on all of our programs and to see an earnings calculator.