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Sigma Chi Fraternity
University of Louisville

Group Leader: Mark Kull
Amount Earned: $1,200 in 3 days
Group Members: 19
Fundraiser: Family & Friends Magazine Fundraiser
Quoteable Quote
"They are super organized and willing to do anything to add dollars to your bottom line."
Sigma Chi Fraternity University of Louisville Fundraising Success with CampusFundraiser

What nobler cause could a fraternity pledge class have than visiting their brethren at another chapter? To Mark Kull and the guys from the University of Louisville’s Sigma Chi pledge class, there could be no higher calling.

Still, nobility and altruism would only get them so far, and $800 was needed for the rest of the trip. After all, the University of Michigan is 400 miles away.

Mark’s fortunes improved the day he read about CampusFundraiser in the Louisville Cardinal. In addition to the money he was searching for, he found a program coach who was “super organized and helpful”. Never having handled a fundraiser by himself before, Mark found these two qualities to be the keys to his group’s success.

“CampusFundraiser helped us break down into manageable groups and checked in with us every day.” Mark reports. Those communications skills translated to the members of the fraternity as well – skills that will serve them all well in their future careers and fundraising efforts.

The pledge class of the Iota Lambda chapter of Sigma Chi ended up raising 50% more money than they were looking for – money that was immediately invested in a charter bus, hotel rooms, and probably a couple of pizzas for the 7-hour trip. Says Mark of the whole experience: “CampusFundraiser is a wonderful business. They are rare in today’s market.”

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