Sigma Chi Fraternity

Sigma Chi Fraternity; we know what it means to be greek and to have to fundraise to support your events. CampusFundraiser has helped local chapters of Sigma Chi Fraternity raise over $104,000 in the past few years. Here is what makes us so trusted in the greek community and why Sigma Chi chapters from all over the country continue to work with us year over year.

  1. Our programs are proven to work - why else would groups to known to have done 10 events with us over a five year period? We have the knowledge and experience to set your chapter into the right fundraiser for you.
  2. Our programs are free - Free fundraising? Of course!
  3. Our programs are simple - From our Online Survey Fundraiser to our Textbook Fundraiser to our "Sell 3" Magazine Fundraiser and everything in between.
  4. We actually Pay you what you earn - Yes, no scams here. You will track your progress online and get paid at the end of the fundraiser. Always, guaranteed!

Here is what some of our Sigma Chi Fraternity fundraising leaders have said about us over the years...

Sigma Chi Fraternity - Butler University

Team Leader Paul Mackowiak said "...We were so happy once we found out that we exceeded our goal and also that we were one of the fastest groups to raise over $2,000 for our size" Who wouldn't be happy with $2,180  in just a few hours?...

Sigma Chi Fraternity - University of Louisville

...The pledge class of the Iota Lambda chapter of Sigma Chi ended up raising 50% more money then they were looking for - money that was immediately invested in a charter bus, hotel rooms, and probably a couple of pizzas for a trip the group took. Says Mark, the group leader, of the whole experience: "CampusFundraiser is a wonderful business. They are rare in today's market"...

Sigma Chi Fraternity - Southern Utah University

Team leader Nick Liebhardt said "CampusFundraiser has a wonderful, efficient and very personal staff.  If you take the initiative, they will be there to help you whenever you need it.  Anyone can do this."  If anyone can raise $1,400 in just a few days, you can be next!

Take a look at the lifetime earnings of our top Sigma Chi Fraternity chapters;

Sigma Chi Western Illinois  $8,251
Sigma Chi University of Louisville  $8,206
Sigma Chi Ohio State $6,995
Sigma Chi University of San Diego $5,909
Sigma Chi Arkansas State University $5,025
Sigma Chi Southern Utah University $4,692
Sigma Chi Rutgers University $4,521
Sigma Chi Boston University $3,551
Sigma Chi University of Utah $3,460
Sigma Chi Butler University $3,409

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