“Sell 3 Magazines” Fundraiser:
College Fundraising Made Simple, Fast, and FREE!!

Make Money For Your College Group in 10 Days!
  • Looking to raise money for your college group?
  • Looking for free cash to sponsor an event for your club?
  • Need funds to subsidize your group’s alternative Spring Break trip?
  • Spending money for your fraternity’s next party?
  • Then look no further!
    Campus Fundraiser provides a quick and easy fundraising program for student groups who need money to run club activities, trips, and events.

    For over 10 years, more than 4,000 participating groups have raised millions of dollars. Campus Fundraiser is consistently one of the most popular providers of college fundraising on campuses across the country. And with the Spring semester just beginning, now is a great time to get your club started.

    We have made deals with the top publishers of the most desirable magazines that will appeal to anyone and everyone. Top sellers include Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, People, Sports Illustrated, and Time Magazine.
    How does the program work?

  • Each member in your group pledges to sell 3 magazine subscriptions. You give your members three days to sell those subscriptions.
  • If your group has 14-19 members, you will earn $8 per whole subscription, until your goal is met. (3 sales per member = goal) Once your goal is met, you will earn $16 for all whole sales, going back to the beginning.
  • If your group has 20+ members, you will earn $10 per whole subscription until your goal is met. Once your goal is met, you will earn $20 for all whole subscriptions, going back to the beginning.
  • Whole Sales are $40 subscriptions. Half Sales are $15-$35 Special Value Offers, so two Half Sales count as one Whole Sale.
  • You can earn performance bonuses for reaching half your goal and returning all material in on time.
  • Example: If you have 20 members and each sells three Whole subscriptions, equaling 60 subscriptions, and you return your material on time, your group will earn $1350. This includes a Scheduling Bonus of $150. Your check will read $1330 because while we cover the cost of getting the materials to you, we ask groups to cover the cost of the return. We provide a pre-paid and labeled FedEx envelope.

  • How easy is it to sell?
  • Members can sell in person, by email, or by social media groups, like Facebook.
  • Members can have their family and friends go to the group’s link and order online.
  • Members and leaders have to submit online all orders collected in person.

  • How do I start making money for my group?
  • Go to www.CampusFundraiser.com and follow the registration process.
  • Select your state and school name, enter your group information and submit- it’s that simple!
  • A Program Specialist will contact you to schedule your fundraiser.

  • Good Luck-

    The CF Team