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National Society of Black Engineers
University of Rhode Island

Group Leader: Christian Apollon
Amount Earned: $1,808 in four hours!
Group Members: 12
Fundraiser: mtvU Non-Sales Fundraiser
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"It was easy and our program specialist was absolutely amazing!"
National Society of Black Engineers, University of Rhode Island Fundraising Success with CampusFundraiser!

            Only five percent of bachelor’s degrees in engineering being awarded to black students, and it can be hard being such a huge minority.  The National Society of Black Engineers is a society with members from all over the country, it is the nation’s largest student managed organization.  It has many purposes, including increasing the number of minority students studying engineering, stimulating and developing student interest in engineering disciplines, and promoting awareness of engineering and the opportunities for blacks and minorities in that profession. 


            Every year they hold a national convention where members can network with peers and professionals, advance their personal and technical skills, and access top organizations and graduate schools.  The admittance fees and travel expenses are high, but the value of attendance makes it worth it.  This year, the National Society of Black Engineers at the University of Rhode Island decided that they wanted to send twenty-one students.  However, there was not enough money in their treasury to send them all without additional costs – and the student’s couldn’t afford to put in too much extra money. 


            So it was time for a fundraiser.  In the past they had thrown parties on campus and sold teddy bears for Valentine’s day.  Unfortunately, those events had a high upfront costs and only turned out about $400 each.  So group leader Christian Apollon started searching for fundraising ideas.  “We needed to make larger chunks of money in a smaller amount of time,” he said.  “We were desperate for cash and all out of ideas” Christian adds. 


            After doing some research and finding out that CampusFundraiser is a member of the Better Business Bureau, he decided to give them a call.   He says that “they are a member of the Better Business Bureau, so we knew that this organization was legit and that as long as we did what we were supposed to do, we’d make a lot of money.”  That they did!  After just four hours of work, the engineers found out that they had raised $1,808! 


            Not only will the money go towards their national convention, but they have enough extra to throw an end of the year banquet!


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