Frequently Asked Questions

CampusFundraiser specializes in providing profitable fundraising programs to motivated college student groups. Every year, thousands of student groups - fraternities, sororities, sports teams and other groups – earn millions of dollars through our proven fundraising programs. Our fundraising programs enable student groups to raise money to help pay for member dues, equipment, house debt, charity, etc.  Whatever the need, CampusFundraiser makes it possible.

What are the costs?

There are never any costs for doing a fundraiser, ever. We have never charged a group, had any registration fees, penalties, or anything like it. Our programs are totally free, and they always will be.

What makes CampusFundraiser unique?

We understand the needs of college student groups. Our role is to act as a fundraising coach for our student groups and through proven systems, we design fundraising programs that:

  1. Do not cost the group any money
  2. Are simple and effective
  3. Require a minimal time commitment

In fact, we are the only company that specifically runs fundraising programs for college student groups.  No other company matches our experience and commitment to ensuring that every student group reaches their financial goals.

What promotional products could we be giving out?

The products vary depending on the program, but normally include items in high demand on college campuses. Typical products that our fundraising groups may give out include t-shirts, prepaid calling cards, gift certificates, and more.

Will CampusFundraiser provide support?

You bet!  To ensure that our groups reach their financial goals through our fundraising programs, we provide experienced support through every step of the fundraising programs. Most groups earn $1,000 to $2,000 for a fundraising program on their campus – with no risk for the group, ever.

Where do fundraising programs occur?

Fundraisers take place on or around the college campus.  No travel is required.

When can we schedule a fundraising program?

Fundraisers are usually scheduled Sunday through Thursday, the programs start in the afternoon or evening and are normally done within four hours. We normally recommend groups get their fundraiser started when the group has its weekly meeting.

What is the typical time commitment for a fundraiser?

Most of our fundraising programs are done in just four hours. Many of our fundraisers are all done in one day, which makes it an easy time commitment. In about four hours of fundraising, an average student group has the opportunity to earn $1,000 or more!

How many people do we need to be successful?

The general rule is the more people who participate in the fundraising program, the more money your student group will make. Normally, we require that at least 10 people from your group participate. This will ensure that the fundraiser is very profitable for your student group.

What are the risks?

There are absolutely no risks or costs involved in any fundraising programs. The opportunity to earn over $1,000 only requires a small amount of time. We always provide an experienced coach who will offer proven training and support for your student group. This unmatched support ensures that your group will be successful and profitable.

Who can participate?

Our program is open to any college student group. Every year, we work with many fraternities and sororities, varsity and club sports teams, academic groups, interest groups, and more. In fact, nearly every college student group qualifies for a fundraiser with our company.

I'm not part of a student group. Can I do a fundraiser for myself?

Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to offer individual employment to students. That may change in the near future, though. Check back often for more information!

To get started, click here to submit an application for a fundraiser for your student group, or call a Fundraising Counselor at our office at (888) 923-3238.