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Fraternity Fundraising Ideas



No doubt about it, you say it and we hear it… “I need some Fraternity Fundraising Ideas for this semester…”


Here is the good news; CampusFundraiser has programs designed just for you and your group. We offer programs different types of programs,


  • Event Based – Earn lots of money quickly
  • Continuous Revenue Based – Earn a small amount of money every month all year (Which totals up to a lot of money!)
  • Online – Get paid for doing the things you already do


All of our programs are designed with the Fraternity in mind; they are safe, simple and free.


1)     Safe – CampusFundraiser will provide you with a full time staff person to walk your Fraternity through the program. Your group will join the ranks of thousands before it when it earns lots of money

2)     Simple – We are not talking difficult tasks, all of our program as simple in nature and easy to win at.

3)     Free – We know you don’t have any money (why else would you be fundraising). Our programs are free to participate in and require no upfront money.



If you need some Fraternity Fundraising Ideas then you have found the right place; check out what some of our groups have to say about their experience with CampusFundraiser…


Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity – University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh


$1,200 in 3 days




Quoteable Quote
"If you’re looking for a good time, and you want to make some money, give them a call!"


…Looking to earn an extra grand to make their socials more sociable, the guys at Delta Sigma Phi started casting about for easy and profitable fundraising ideas. Then Travis’ roommate remembered working with CampusFundraiser the previous year, and reported the experience had been great. Their problems were about to disappear overnight.

“CampusFundraiser guided us step by step, and was very professional with every detail.” smiles Travis, now with a successful campaign under his belt. “My members were skeptical at first, but then realized how easy it was, and we just kept selling.” And selling. And selling. And selling. And while they stopped at $1,200, the guys could easily have gone well beyond that!


Here is another group leaders comments;


Sigma Chi Theta Fraternity – Luther College



$2,415 in 4 hours


Quoteable Quote
"Our past fundraisers were smaller, generated less revenue, and took more time."


…Ben first learned of CampusFundraiser when he saw a sign on campus that caught his eye.  He soon called them and ran a fundraiser in which his group made $2,415!  Ben says that before his group started using CampusFundraiser, the fundraisers “were smaller, generated less revenue, and took more time.”  That’s why he knew that this time he needed to call CampusFundraiser once again.  “Working with CampusFundraiser is an extremely organized and efficient experience”…



Find more group leader comments at http://www.campusfundraiser.com ; check out our programs, see an earnings calculator or find out how to contact us.




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