Fraternity Fundraising

CampusFundraiser has been working with Fraternities since the company began in 2000. Over the years we have helped thousands of fraternities reach their financial goals and make the money needed to fund their events. We offer several different options for Fraternity Fundraising – everything from Online programs that run for a short period of time to all year to event style programs that can make your Fraternity a lot of money in only a few days. All of our programs offer the following benefits;


1)     Safe – You’re not the first Fraternity to do this fundraiser (which ever one you choose); in fact thousands have run their fraternity fundraiser through us over the years. No money to participate, we actually pay you and most importantly it works!

2)     Simple – None of our programs require you to have a PhD. We will assign a staff person to work with you every step of the way and help you reach your earnings goal. You can do this, we can show you how!

3)     Free – Pay nothing to participate and make lots of money doing, in many cases, things you already do.


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Sigma Chi Fraternity - Southern Utah University

Contact Person - Nick Liebhardt


$2615 in 3 Hours!


Here is the quick story


1) A brother told Nick to go to the site and sign up - they had used CampusFundraiser for their Fraternity Fundraising in the past

2) Nick go the information and signed up for the Magazine Fundraiser; Quick, Easy and Free

3) Had a great experience; some things he said about his Fraternity Fundraising efforts with CampusFundraiser...

  • "Quick response to questions"
  • "Very Personal"
  • "Could Call whenever"
  • "Prompt Response"
  • "Wonderful Staff"


"the staff helped me whenever I needed it so anyone can do it!" and " Just take the initiative because they will help you a lot after you need it"


Thanks Nick, we enjoyed working with you as well, come back anytime!


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