CampusFundraiser Associations

CampusFundraiser is proud to be an outspoken supporter of student activities on college campuses throughout the U.S.

In fact, you would be surprised at the list of events that we have helped to finance, including concerts, guest speakers, social events, sports teams, and much more.

As a supporter of student activities and student groups, we are very proud of our involvement in the following organizations:


North-American Intrefraternity Conference

The North-American Interfraternity Conference (formerly known as the National Interfraternity Conference) has a long and storied history as a body that has assisted fraternal organizations to work together. On November 27, 1909, 26 fraternities met to discuss critical issues facing fraternities at that time. A formal organization was completed in 1910. In 1931 the organization's name was changed from Interfraternity Conference to National Interfraternity Conference. In 1999, the leadership again changed the name to North-American Interfraternity Conference to celebrate the membership of brothers in Canada.

Today, the NIC has 66 member organizations with 5500 chapters located on 800 campuses in the United States and Canada with approximately 350,000 undergraduate members. The NIC is led by a Board of Directors comprised of 15 volunteers from member fraternities. The headquarters and professional staff are located in Indianapolis, IN.


National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association

The National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) has a rich history, and 52 years ago established itself as the pioneer of organized recreation, primarily for colleges and universities. Founded in 1950 at Dillard University in New Orleans by 20 African-American men and women intramural directors from 11 Historically Black Colleges, NIRSA began as the National Intramural Association (NIA). Dr. William Wasson, convened the initial meeting in New Orleans, served as NIA's first president, and is revered as NIRSA's founder.

Today, NIRSA is a non-profit membership organization serving a network of more than 4,000 highly trained professionals, students and Associate Members in the recreational sports field throughout the United States, Canada and other countries. It is the leading organization in many areas: training and professional development, intramural sports, sport clubs, recreation facilities, fitness programming, outdoor recreation, wellness programs, informal recreation and aquatic programs. Of NIRSA's 740 Institutional members, 94 percent come from college and university recreational sports programs. NIRSA's member institutions represent nearly seven million college students, of whom an estimated five and a half million participate in recreational programs.


National Association for Campus Activities

NACA links the higher education and entertainment communities in a business and learning partnership, creating educational and business opportunities for our student and professional members.

Formed in 1960, NACA has evolved into the nation's largest collegiate organization for campus activities with nearly 1,200 member colleges and universities, and more than 600 associate member talent agencies, performers and product specialty firms working in the college market.


Western Regional Greek Association

The Western Regional Greek Association hosts the Western Regional Greek Leadership Conference one of the four regional conferences for Interfraternity Councils, Panhellenic Councils, Greek Councils, National Pan-Hellenic Councils, and Multicultural Greek Councils.  The other conferences/organizations include NGLA (Northeast), SEIFC/SEPC (Southeast), and MGCA (Mid-America).   The Western Regional Greek Conference  is the oldest of the regional conference and has met regularly since its establishment in 1948.  Presently there are approximately 60 campuses throughout the 14 Western United States and 2 Western Canadian Providences eligible to hold membership in WRGA and attend the annual conference.


Mid-American Greek Council Association

The purpose of MGCA is to stimulate the growth and development of college Greek Councils by promoting leadership and educational experiences for student leaders at colleges and universities within a 16-state region. The annual leadership conference, other area conferences, and other educational resources to member schools and the general public are the basis of the Association's educational services.

MGCA is an organization consisting of member Interfraternity, National Pan-Hellenic, Panhellenic, and Greek Councils, at both public and private institutions, within a region in middle America. The region is divided into five areas: The Northern Area (Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin), the Southern Area (Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas), the Central Area (Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri), the Eastern Area (Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio), and the Western Area (Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska).

MGCA is an association designed to provide member services to campus governing Greek councils. It is not a policy-making or legislative body; those responsibilities are best left to general fraternities and sororities and the institutions that host the Greek movement.