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Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority
Pennsylvania State University - $10,323 Lifetime Earnings!

Group Leader: Kristin Schappell
Amount Earned: $2,134 in just 4 hours!
Group Members: 26
Fundraiser: mtvU Non-Sales Fundraiser
Quoteable Quote
"CampusFundraiser truly is the only way to go!"
Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority Successful Fundraising Ideas from CampusFundraiser

The Penn State University chapter of the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority is a very active one.  They not only participate in activities on campus, but they also donate to several philanthropies.  Unfortunately, participating in events and donating money takes, well, money, which is something that the sisters did not have.  So they did what they have been doing since 2002 – called CampusFundraiser.


Group leader Kristin Schappell states that “in my opinion, as well as the members of my chapter, CampusFundraiser has proven to be the most efficient, rewarding, and profitable fundraiser available to groups like ours.”  She should know – she has now run three very successful fundraisers with CampusFundraiser, making over $5,000 for the sorority.  In fact, since 2002 the members of Alpha Sigma Alpha have made a total of $10,323.84 in six fundraisers.  Kristin states that she “could never imagine raising the amounts of money we do with CampusFundraiser any other way.”


“Working with CampusFundraiser to help our organization raise the money we needed was a very rewarding experience.  It is mind blowing how much money you can raise in such a short period of time when you work with CampusFundraiser,” says Kristin. 


Other than the potential profits, Kristin enjoys working with the CampusFundraiser staff, which she says are always “organized, friendly, and devoted to helping us achieve our goals… ” She also states that CampusFundraiser “helped our sorority to have a successful fundraiser in more ways than one would typically expect from a company like theirs.  They were always available via phone or email to assist me and we had scheduled phone meetings to assure that I had no unanswered questions.”


One major difficulty that most groups have with most fundraising ideas is that the group members do not want to take part or are not motivated enough to be successful.  Kristin states that with her group, “everyone was shocked at how much we earned and how positive the experience was.  It wasn’t “just another bake-sale!”.     


The sisters ended up making $2,134 in four hours with the mtvU Fundraiser.  Now they can go to the Alpha Sigma Alpha national convention, lower membership dues, participate in campus events and donate to several philanthropies – all with just four hours of work. 



CampusFundraiser can help your group successfully raise money too. Find out how.



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