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Sorority Fundraising Ideas


No doubt about it, you say it and we hear it… “I need a few Sorority Fundraising Ideas for this semester…”


Here is the good news; CampusFundraiser has programs designed just for you and your group. We offer programs different types of programs,


  • Event Based – Earn lots of money quickly
  • Continuous Revenue Based – Earn a small amount of money every month all year (Which totals up to a lot of money!)
  • Online – Get paid for doing the things you already do


All of our programs are designed with the Sorority in mind; they are safe, simple and free.


1)     Safe – CampusFundraiser will provide you with a full time staff person to walk your Sorority through the program. Your group will join the ranks of thousands before it when it earns lots of money

2)     Simple – We are not talking difficult tasks, all of our program as simple in nature and easy to win at.

3)     Free – We know you don’t have any money (why else would you be fundraising). Our programs are free to participate in and require no upfront money.



If you need some Sorority Fundraising Ideas then you have found the right place; check out what some of our groups have to say about their experience with CampusFundraiser…


Sigma Kappa Sorority – Central Michigan University


$2,968 in 4 hours




Quoteable Quote
"This is a very good fundraiser. We look forward to participating again."


…As group leader for Central Michigan University’s Sigma Kappa, Jessica is tasked with keeping a constant flow of funds coming in for improvements to the sorority house. This is no small feat when you consider that nobody in the group has had any previous background in fundraising.

Jessica and her sisters explored all the usual suspects for making money, of course. One by one the fundraising ideas – car washes, candy bar sales, wrapping paper sales, and the like – all went by the wayside as being too labor-intensive without enough payoff.

“Our sisters were really very excited to participate in this program. This fundraiser gave us a chance to really show what the women of Sigma Kappa can do when we put our minds to it...”


Here is another group leaders comments;


Gamma Chi Epsilon Sorority – Mars Hill College



$1,292 in 4 Hours


Quoteable Quote
"We have participated in CampusFundraiser for the past four years and we love it!"


…Over the past 4 years, the sorority has successfully completed several fundraisers and has raised $5,186 to date with CampusFundraiser!


Group Leader Casi Williams tells us about her experience, “Our president from 5 years ago began working with CampusFundraiser after receiving an e-mail, and we have continued with the tradition because we have had a lot of success and the representatives are fun and easy to work with.”  Also adding, “It has also allowed us to meet new people on campus as well as catch up with old friends.” 


Find more group leader comments at http://www.campusfundraiser.com; check out our programs, see an earnings calculator or find out how to contact us.




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