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Fundraising Ideas

CampusFundraiser is the source for fundraising ideas; we provide unique, innovative, simple and free fundraising ideas to any group that needs to raise money. Our programs are not just for the college market, all groups can participate and every type of group has had success.


Below are some fundraising ideas available to your group. You will find that our programs range from getting paid for things you already do and make your group a little money to event fundraisers that last several days and make your group thousands of dollars.


  • Online Survey Fundraiser – Available to every group. Receive an email, take a survey and give you opinion, get paid. A 20 person group can earn $100 to $150 per month for just giving your opinion on products, services and entertainment items.
  • Magazine Fundraiser – Available to every group. Sell or renew a small number of magazine subscriptions and make loads of money quick. A 20 person group can earn $1,500 in just 3 days!
  • Textbook fundraiser – Ideal for College groups – Get paid money for purchasing your textbooks through our partners – Half.com, Barnes and Nobel and others.
  • Spring Break Fundraiser – Ideal for High School and College groups – Get paid for booking your trip through our partners – we work with all the big spring break companies and go to all the hot destinations.


There are several features you will find with all of our fundraisers;


1)     Safe – all of our fundraiser have been tested and proven to work by countless groups before yours; we have worked with thousands of groups and all of them have discovered our programs work – always, guaranteed!

2)     Simple – Why do a complicated fundraiser that requires a huge time and effort commitment. CampusFundraiser has programs that are simple and easy to follow

3)     Free – pay nothing to participate, ever.



See what some of our groups had to say about their experience with CampusFundraiser.


Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority – Penn State University - $10,323 Lifetime earnings

"Working with Campus Fundraiser was a pleasant and rewarding experience that I hope all student groups can benefit from."


Women’s Ice Hockey Team – University of Delaware - $1,800

"CampusFundraiser’s goal was to help us, so we knew it would be worth it."



National Society of Black Engineers – University of Rhode Island - $1,808

"It was easy and our program specialist was absolutely amazing!"



Sigma Chi Fraternity – University of Louisville - $1,200

"They are super organized and willing to do anything to add dollars to your bottom line."




Click here to get more details about our programs, check out the flash videos or the Q&A and plan your group’s earnings in the calculator.




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