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More Success Stories


Delta Upsilon Fraternity – Shippensburg University


$700 in 3 hours




Quoteable Quote
"A great way to meet people and advertise your group while earning some extra cash."


…describing CampusFundraiser as “very cooperative” and “very organized”, Ryan was very impressed with how specific his CampusFundraiser coach was about what needed to be done at every stage of the process. “He took the goals we wanted to reach very seriously.” He says, before adding “he also gave us a lot of preparation time.”

Ryan observes that CampusFundraiser programs have benefits beyond raising money for your group. “We also had fun socializing with new people” he says. Fun, easy money, and strengthening the group. What more could anyone ask for in a fundraising program?


Here is one more…


Triangle Fraternity – The University of Houston

$1,930 in 3 days



Quoteable Quote
"We look forward to doing it again next year!"


…they hadn’t really done any fundraising in the past, so they started looking for fundraising ideas on Google and found CampusFundraiser.  Group leader Mike Hedger says that “it seemed like a sure shot for making a significant amount of money with little time required.”    When he brought the idea up to the group, he says that “some were enthusiastic, but others not as much.”  However, the “managers laid out a plan for success and it worked!”  It sure did!  The fraternity earned $1,930 in just three days with the Family and Friends Magazine Fundraiser.  What does Mike say was the key to success?  Simple.  On top of the fact that “the managers laid out a step by step process for having a successful fundraiser,” “the people who were the most excited performed.” 


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