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College Fundraising Ideas


CampusFundraiser is the source for college fundraising ideas; we provide unique, innovative, simple and free fundraising ideas to college groups. There are several features you will find with all of our fundraisers;


1)     Safe – all of our fundraiser have been tested and proven to work by countless groups before yours; we have worked with thousands of groups and all of them have discovered our programs work – always, guaranteed!

2)     Simple – Why do a complicated fundraiser that requires a huge time and effort commitment. CampusFundraiser has programs that are simple and easy to follow

3)     Free – pay nothing to participate, ever.



The college fundraising ideas available to your group range from event fundraisers that last several days and make your group thousands of dollars to online based programs that take only a few minutes a day and earn you group hundreds. Below are some examples,


  • Magazine Fundraiser – Sell or renew a small number of magazine subscriptions and make loads of money quick


Click here (www.campusfundraiser.com/programs_list.asp) to get more details about our programs, check out the flash videos or the Q&A and plan your group’s earnings in the calculator.





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