Textbook Fundraiser
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At CampusFundraiser we pride ourselves in finding new innovative ways for groups to make money. As far as we are concerned the easier it is the better.

The Textbook Fundraiser is as about as easy as it gets. 100% of your members need to buy books, right?. Assuming the price is as good or better than the book store, why not ask your members to buy their books online from one of CampusFundraiser’s online Textbook partners? We asked the same question  to over 1000 group members like yourself and received an overwhelming response….90% said they would buy from our partners if their group made a percentage of the sale. So we thought… “let’s make a fundraiser with textbooks”!!!

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When we tested this fundraiser, we negotiated the best deal with 4-5 popular partners. As great as that was, what we received as a response from our groups was an overwhelming, "We want more!" We heard you! We are now partnered with 20 of the most popular book buying vendors on the web!
Our next step was to figure out how we could make the program even easier. When we started the fundraiser a member would have to choose the partner, visit their site, check for availability and pricing and then come back to the group page to choose another partner and do the same thing. Forget that! Now you and your members and friends will be able to put in the title, keyword, Author, ISBN number of the book you'd like to buy right on the group page. What comes back is the best and easiest way to comparison shop. You can now see your options to buy the book new, used or rent it! You can see the best prices, the lowest shipping and how each purchase would benefit the group. What could be easier?
Step 1: Sign up for the fundraiser

Once you sign up for the fundraiser, which does not cost your group anything, you will be asked to send an email to your group members informing them about the fundraising opportunity.

Step 2: Group members register
We ask each of your group members to register with CampusFundraiser primarily so they will be provided their own usernames and passwords to login and participate. By Spring semester we are hoping to be using this information for tracking and management purposes. By then you should be able to see who is doing what, earning what and where your group ranks in total earnings through updated reports multiple times a week. In the mean time you will have an understanding of what purchases were achieved from which vendors and how they benefit your group. We will also email your members periodically to remind them to remember your fundraiser when going to make a purchase online! We will NOT share group member info, we have a very strict privacy policy. Check out our privacy policy here.
Step 3: Group Members start buying.
When it's time to buy textbooks, members who have registered will have been given a username and password to login in to your group page. Once they have done this one time, they can just bookmark this page! There will be a special tab on the group page where they can start comparing prices and buying their books! Your group gets credit for every dollar spent!
Step 4: Login to CampusFundraiser’s Group Home Admin section to watch the results.
This fundraiser runs itself. Your group could do this and a couple more fundraisers this year, no problem!

When the semester is over you can sell your books with our partner sites and make the same percentage for each sale. Do it again next semester and your group can double it’s earnings.

A group of 20 students spending an average of $300 will earn about $500 per year. It’s not our most lucrative program but it definitely is the easiest. Since it’s so easy you can add one or two of our other programs and round out your year of fundraising!

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Many students want to know how the buying process works so let’s go through it:
Step 1: Visit group page ordering tab.
Put in your ISBN #, Title, Author or Keyword of the book you need.r
Step 2: Choose your book and comparison shop.
Use tabs and view the search result in summary fashion or include all results.
Decide if you want new, used or a rental and pick your partner.
NOTICE - each partner pays group slightly different so pay attention to both sides of the group page
as you make your decision.

Let’s say, you select Half.com.
Step 3: Make your selection. Choose the book you'd like at the best value to you
and the best earnings to the group. Click on partner and move to shopping window.

Step 4: Place order with partner, make payment, confirm shipping details and verify order.

Step 5: Close shopping window and return to your price comparison screen on group page.
Step 6: Find your next book!
Step 7: Receive textbooks in the mail and see group get credited for purchases.
**Feel free to add any other items besides textbooks to your shopping carts at vendor sites. These purchases will be credited too!!
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