Textbook Fundraiser - Questions and Answers
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Q. "What's the catch?"

A. There isn't one. We are not asking you to do something the average student does not already do. We are merely providing, by the partnerships we developed, a way for you to get paid doing it! We work with well known, reputable companies that everyone has already heard of and maybe even already shops with like Barnes&Nobles, Half.com, Amazon.com and many, many more!

Q. "What if my members register and then choose not to purchase their books through one of the CampusFundraiser partner sites?"

A. The program is free and involves no obligation to participate. However, encourage that people check with your group page before making their final purchase. Chances are they will find the book they need for a lot cheaper and it will also make money for your group!

Q. "Are my group members going to get a ton of spam in their email box?"

A. No, CampusFundraiser will not share, sell or otherwise distribute your group members email. In fact we have a very strict privacy policy, you can check it out here /privacy.asp

Q. "Am I paying more for my books buying them this way?"

A. Absolutely not! We all have paid the college bookstore's high prices for the required materials for these classes. These sites offer these same books and materials at a considerable discount to you and in addition you are making money for your group!

Q "Isn't buying and selling online risky?"

A. Working with our partners provide you a safe and secure way to do your Internet shopping.

Q. "Does my group earn money for other online purchases besides textbooks?"

A. Sure! The price comparison platform on the group page is designed for textbook searches but once in a vendor site, anything added to their shopping cart besides textbooks will also be credited to your group!

Q. "What if a group member buys their book through a partner site like Chegg.com but forgot to go through the group page first?"

A. Unfortunately, we have no way to track activity and purchases that do not begin at the group's page and we will not be able to credit the group for any purchases made outside of this platform.