Online Survey Fundraiser
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Are you good at giving your opinion? What if you could get paid for it? With the Online Survey Fundraiser, your group can earn money just by checking email and responding to online market research surveys. Itís no wonder the Online Survey Fundraiser is our most popular program. A typical 20 person group earns $75 per month or almost $1,000 over the course of the year.

Group members complete an ongoing series of online surveys. The surveys take between 5-10 minutes on average. Many surveys are about existing or up and coming consumer products like computers, cell phones, beverages, etc. Some surveys ask studentsí feedback on movie trailers or TV shows, like the MTVís Real World ģ. Survey invitations are delivered to your group through email so there is no cost to participate. All surveys are tracked in an individual manner so each participantís identity and responses are kept secure and confidential.

The Online Survey Fundraiser is unique because your group can make money on an ongoing basis, putting very little effort forth over a long period of time. So your group can choose to participate for the semester, a year, or even longer.

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Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Sign up for the fundraiser

Once you sign up for the fundraiser, you will be able to register and Double Opt In to receive survey invitations. You may want to take surveys for a week or two before inviting your group members to participate.

Step 2: Group members register
You will send an email invitation to each of your group members who agree to participate in the Online Survey Fundraiser. Each group member will use a special link to register and Double Opt In to receive their own survey invitations. Donít worry we donít sell or share your group memberís info. Check out our privacy policy here.
Step 3: Take Surveys

Group members will spend an hour or less each month responding to and completing surveysÖ average of just 2 minutes per day. On average, participants will complete 1 out of every 5 survey invitations they respond to. This is because researchers are looking for specific demographics to make the study statistically significant. Even if you screen-out of a survey (not qualified) however, we pay a small amount for your effort. So you never have to worry about not getting paid for your activity.

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Tips on how to maximize your Earnings!Select your Springbreak Provider
  • Ask Alumni to participate
  • Ask friends and family to participate
  • Remind your members and friends to respond to each invitation
Here is just a sample of what our best groups have earned in this program:
Organization School  Earnings Participants
Men's Track Team

U. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

$       1,897.00


Delta Chi Fraternity

U. of New Haven

$       1,800.00


Softball Team

Southwest State College

$       1,552.00


Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity

Virginia Commonwealth U.

$       1,350.00


Men's Track Team

Buena Vista U.

$       1,347.00


Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity

Purdue U.- West Lafayette

$       1,139.00


Youth Passions

California State U.- Los Angeles

$       1,124.00


Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity

Northwestern U.

$          966.00


Ultimate Frisbee Club

George Washington U.

$          856.00


Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity

U. of Rochester

$          822.00


Christ Ambassadors Christian Fellowship

Murray State U.

$          782.00


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