“Sell 3” Magazine Fundraiser
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When Time Warner approached us to develop a magazine fundraiser several years ago, our initial reaction was “no way will college student buy magazine subscriptions…at least not enough to make a student group a significant amount of money”. That could have been the beginning and end of our experience with the magazine fundraiser. Instead, we ended up revolutionizing the way magazine fundraisers work just to for our college groups and created our most popular program ever! We heard 5 things when we asked Students about the Magazine Fundraiser.
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#1 “Students Don’t Buy Magazines”

First, we changed the focus from students selling to students to students selling to people with jobs like family and friends (non-students). Everyone knows students don’t have money so why try and sell them something. We were stunned to learn that the average American household has 4 subscriptions to magazines. Let’s face it most families buy magazine subscriptions.

# 2 “My group members won’t sell 12 subscriptions each. Too hard!”
Second, we knew that most magazine fundraisers require a person to sell a dozen subscriptions for $10 each. We thought this was a non-starter for our student groups. No way would a college student sell 12 of anything! So we increased the price to $40 and increased the amount of issues for each subscription by four fold. Now, each person only needs to sell 3 subscriptions to achieve the same value as 12 subscriptions. Our groups told us it was a lot easier to sell 3 than it was to sell 12. Here’s the best part…since the number of issues per title increased by 4+ fold, students felt good about the value they were providing to their family and friends. Our prices on a per issue basis are the lowest offered!
#3 “If we are going to sell Magazine subscriptions, it better be really lucrative!”
Third, we negotiated a fantastic deal with Time Warner by agreeing to only offer magazines from their portfolio of offerings. The downside is that we only offer 27 titles, but the upside is that they are the most popular titles around. Other companies offer 1000+  titles to choose from but they can’t offer up to 55% for every dollar of magazine sold. Most companies only offer your group 40%. So by agreeing to only offer Time Inc titles, we help make our groups more money. Plus, with titles like, Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Entertainment, Money, Real Simple, and almost two dozen others, there’s a title for everyone.
# 4 “Make it Easy”
Fourth, and best of all, renewals count as sales. That’s right, chances are someone in your family has a subscription to Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Entertainment, or any of the other two dozen or so titles we offer. Guess what?...if any of your three subscriptions are renewals, it counts just like a new sale. SO for example, let’s say Mom and Dad already have a subscription to Time Magazine and they intend to renew when it comes due in April. They can renew now through you, probably pay the same or better for the subscription, and help your group out in the process. What could be better than that! This is another great reason why we partnered with the leader in magazine publishing, Time Warner.
# 5 “Make it Easier”
Fifth, still think three sales will be difficult for your least motivated members? For those in your group who have friends who keep up with the latest in news, sports, and entertainment, we have created the Special Student Offer….2 titles for $25.00. This offer is available for students only and includes all of Time Warner’s titles plus titles like Allure, Blender, Glamour, Maxim, Stuff, Car and Driver, and many more. What’s more we will help you help your group members remember all the people in their lives that would buy or renew a magazine subscription…like mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, last summer’s boss, your doctor or dentist (they always buy subscriptions for their office), your boy/girlfriend’s parents, older sibling, cousins, alumni, co-workers, professors…..the list goes on. If you can’t sell 3, you didn’t try!
Bottom Line
Okay, here’s the bottom line….if you have 20 people in your group and each of your sell or renew 3 subscriptions, you just made over $1200 including bonuses. Total average time to sell….40 minutes per person, but we give you three days just to be sure. Oh yeah, we save your customer orders so next year, your group can go back to the same supporters and renew their subscriptions. If you need a lot of cash and you need it fast, the Sell 3 and You are Done Magazine Fundraiser is the ticket!
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