Enjoy the City Fundraiser
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Clubs and organizations just arenít getting the necessary funding from colleges and universities to cover the cost of even the most basic expenses to the keep the groups functional, let alone any extras! Unfortunately this can lead to higher dues and costs by the members themselves that they just canít afford. This is where fundraising comes in. Fundraising can sound like a four letter word to the ears of most college students who have spent their high school and college years thus far doing more bake sales, car washes and selling more cookie dough than what seems humanly possible.

At CampusFundraiser we are always striving to develop new partners and bring new and different kind of fundraising opportunities to our groups so we can prevent the need for forceful Group Leaders to push members into doing something they just donít want to do. Letís be honest, if they arenít motivated or excited by the fundraising opportunity, they arenít going to be motivated to get the results or make the money. When the makers of Enjoy the City Discount Book contacted us, our first impulse was to decline. Itís a sales event and in this economy, sales events can be difficult. After doing some research and finding the ridiculously high value of the coupons and discounts in this book, we quickly changed our minds. How could we not? Customers pay $20 and get hundreds to thousands of dollars in coupons and discounts at places they visit or use everyday. ē Freebies ē Discounts ē BOGO
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This book has the best discounts for popular spots in your local area community for your dining, entertainment, retail, automobile repair, home services and travel. The book easily pays for itself in the use of 1 or 2 coupons and the hundreds of others are a BONUS!

Itís easier than ever to make a sale!

  • By Phone
  • Through online purchase link
  • Table Events; Quad / Student Center
  • On Campus Door to Door
  • Heavily Trafficked Storefronts; Wal-Mart, Grocery Store, etc.

Unlike our other fundraising events, we strongly encourage that all members participating be fully on board for the program as there will be some level of commitment on behalf of your participants. With little risk comes a LOT more reward as groups will earn a MINIMUM of $1500 in this event. The sky is the limit when you are offering a product customers canít afford NOT to buy. Now what?

  • Call a Fundraising Counselor to get a few more details of the event
  • Meet with your members to determine how many people are on board and when you can get started
  • Coordinate Agreement, Delivery Date and Payment Due Date with Program Specialist
  • Sell, sell, sell
  • Keep half for your group and send back the rest to cover the cost of the books

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