Enjoy the City Fundraiser - Questions and Answers
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Q. Q. Are these coupons really anything anyone will use?

A. Absolutely! We can show you a sample book electronically. Of course the sample book wonít be specific to your region but weíre sure you have heard of places like Subway, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Dominos, Sonic, Enterprise, Movie Gallery, Papa Johnís, Arbyís, Jiffy Lube, you get the drift!

Q. If people donít have extra money, why would they have money for something like this?

A. They literally cannot afford not to. Okay maybe we are cutting back on some extras in this economy but are you going to get an oil change this year? I certainly hope so! Maybe you arenít going out to eat every week or even every month but do you see yourself eating out at some point this year, getting pizza, renting a movie, doing some Christmas shopping? This book will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars even if you only use a portion of the book. Show your customers the book and the sale should make itself.

Q. What sorts of costs or risks are involved?

A. Hopefully none! Like we said, this is a unique fundraiser in that we are sending you the entire product so you have it to sell. With that in mind, you make your sales and send us back half to cover book costs. If your members choose not to make sales within the structured timeframe, you have the option of pre-paying for the books and then taking whatever time you deem fit to make your sales happen. We donít suggest this but it is an option.

Q. What if we choose not to participate after the event has already begun or donít send money back at the end?

A. As we stated, this program is unlike any of our others. We do not suggest you enter into it lightly but really determine your memberís willingness to participate before the event is scheduled. Then, we will enter into a signed agreement. Little risk equals much higher reward!